Survey items

To measure grandmothers situation, relationship to grandchildren, challenges and needs, we are recommending the following (IRB materials–Due April 7):

Questionnaire (including demographics): GMC survey July 9

Five standardized scales:

Social support: 1. DUFSS ready for IRB

Self-efficacy: 4. Estonian Self Efficay Scale _ready for IRB

Stress: 3. Perceived Stress Scale_ready for IRB

Health: 2. Duke Health Profile_ready for IRB

Parenting problems and confidence: 5. CAPES

Survey items

Recruting a sample

To get a non-clinical sample, and given the primacy of African American churches in the lives of the community, we will recruit through churches. Not only do African Americans engage in community churches, but European Americans also as they get older are more active in church activities for social/ spiritual connections.

The plan is to start with a needs assessment ‘GMC Survey’ in Charlotte at large urban churches. Susan will meet with church leaders (possibly volunteer if they identify a need) to map out the options of doing in-person surveys at church events.

Given the dynamics of busy grandmothers, the most likely success will be to deliver ‘pencil & paper surveys’ in person (PI and assistants), and then convert the data into a web database such as Qualtrics.

We have also secured a website, Grandmothers.Space, for online surveys.

We will use a postcard to advertise Grandmothers.Space.


Recruting a sample

Research PLAN

RESEARCH PLAN (March 20, 2015)

  1. Needs assessment
  •             IRB –documents due Tuesday, April 7, by 5PM
  •             Write needs assessment (survey, and interview-guide)
  •             Develop a sampling strategy
  1. Write a comprehensive literature review (Love, DeBonis & Knott)
  2. Go to the Carolina’s for Fall Semester to conduct the needs assessment
Research PLAN

Welcome to Grandmothers Count

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The purpose of Grandmothers is to generate ideas and strategies to empower grandmothers. Given their unique and coveted position in the family, informed and supported grandmothers can improve child nutrition, health, learning, and safety. Moreover, connecting grandmothers may also improve her health and wellbeing and that of her community.

The Grandmothers website is intended to promote a dialogue.  It will also be a place to gather ideas, articles and videos.

Welcome to Grandmothers Count